Dr. Chris Bleecker, Administrator, Waldorf School of Garden City

When I first came across Christopher King’s work I was immediately impressed by the cinematographic quality and depth of storytelling encapsulated in the short film viewed. I have worked with various professionals in the field before and felt frustrated by their inability to bring to life the ideas that we had discussed.  After seeing his work, I intuitively felt that this was a filmmaker that I wanted to meet and would be able to translate the complexity of the messages I was trying to convey.  That was several years ago and Christopher and I have worked on the better part of fourteen projects together.  In every case, I have found him to be impeccably prepared and a professional who goes well beyond what is expected.  His films are gorgeous works of art that are highly effective in communicating the value of our program.  Every teacher, student, Board member, alumni and parent that he has met, have commented on what an outstanding person he is. He has a keenly developed way of interviewing and is sensitive to the ethos of each individual.  He is a rare human being and an extraordinarily gifted professional.

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